What is Cuckold Relationship? How to Keep Safe and Health

The internet enables people to learn about different types of fetishes and kinks. And after hearing about them, many are interested in joining these types of relationships. Many have heard about “cuckolds: and cuckold dating, but they don’t know what it means.

What is a cuckold?

A cuckold is a fetish in which people enjoy their partners being fucked by someone else. It’s just like BDSM and can include submission, humiliation and domination, but there is no gear. In history, cuckold has been a popular term and usually refers to a man who watches his wife have sex with someone else.

Basics of Cuckolding

From psychology basics, cuckolding refers to the partner facing humiliation or degradation as they watch their partner having sex with another a partner. It can be a male or female, and this ridicule stems from the idea of being cheated by their partner.

But it does not only involve you watching the partner have sex. Instead, you can listen to them fantasize about having it or talk about their past sexual encounters. It all depends on the limits you are willing to scale up with your partner. Other times, you can even decide to join the other partner for a threesome.

Keeping Safe when Cuckolding

Due to this relationship’s nature, it has some safety issues such as physical harm or risk of spread of diseases. To keep safe:
Use Protection All Times

It’s important to use protection, and these are condoms. They will help prevent pregnancy and STDs; it’s also wise to ask the partners if they have taken STD tests to ensure your safety.

Meet in Public Places

During your first meeting, you should always meet in public places. this also applies to other relationships as it will enable you to gauge the partner and the relationship. Avoid going too dark or remote places.


Keeping safe during cuckold meetings is important. You should also talk to the potential partner and ensure you’re compatible with them before the meetup. And if you two match, use protection to ensure you’re safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.


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