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She Is Awake, a blog focused on slow living, Intersectional Environmentalism and issues related to the people of colour


The blog, She Is Awake is written by Antónia Mussache, who discusses sustainability for people of colour and the problems they face, the blog aims at empowering them. Furthermore, the author is also working on a book, called “Intentional Life” An opportunity for self-reflection to achieve a frugal and sustainable life.   Lisbon, Portugal – ….  Read More

Funds, Gold and the Gold Conventional


one. Introduction Croesus, King of Lydians (Asia Slight), has been the symbol of prosperity and ability given that historic times. 650 BC he executed his strategy of producing cash from gold by possessing cash minted which then grew to become formal forex. A new “era” had started. The new tiny and helpful trade objects shortly ….  Read More

Major Reasons to Seek out On line Homework Support


The experiences of the US Department of Education and learning Property recommend that homework can be a constructive activity for small children. Assignments can support learners to acquire knowledge, create review competencies, and develop into disciplined and liable. Having said that, as well much homework can deprive them of sports and leisure pursuits. Also, research ….  Read More